Hey there, my name is Lani and I’m the woman behind Organic SUKU. This new entrant to the boutique luxe line has been a long time coming (est 2017).

It started back in 2011 when, as a hair blogger on, I started talking to women about caring for their curly textured hair. It soon grew to individually consulting with women whose hair started to thrive under my guidance.

Over the years I’ve uncovered common mistakes that curly haired people have been making for a long time. These mistakes often left undealt with, cause major hair and scalp issues in the curly hair community.  

My vision for Organic SUKU is to create staple products that your curls love whilst also caring for the communities who grow and process the ingredients that go into our formulations.

Organic SUKU is formulated for your curls. 

We believe that whatever beautifies should never exploit, that's why where possible, we commit to sourcing ingredients that are certified organic (all natural farming practices) and fair trade (where the growers, largely from marginalised communities are paid fairly). Where we can, we work with women’s cooperatives who grow and cultivate ingredients the way their ancestors did - giving you the purest form of goodness. 

Our ongoing research in the hair industry will continue to allow us to bring you non-toxic, non-exploitative and all-loving products for you and your family.