The joys of drenching your life with Coconut Care

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Who doesn't need Coconut Care aka 100% Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in their life? Here are 5 Coconut Care hacks that should get your hair and skin saying 'Thank You':


1. Hot Oil Treatment

Whatever hair you have, it will benefit from a hot oil treatment. Hot Oil Treatments help to nourish your hair follicle, soothe any scalp issues and may also temporarily mend split ends (but you do need to snip split ends off at some point). 

2. Face Oil Cleanser

If you have dry skin, a weekly oil cleanse will benefit the health of your skin triple fold. For those with combination / oily skin - get yourself some Castor Care (my skin loves it)

3. Nourish Dry Lips

Those dry lips sometimes need a bit more than a balm. After a lip scrub, add a drop of Coconut Care on your lips and allow for the oil to seap into your dry lips for that extra nourishment. Seal that goodness with your normal balm. 

4. Pre Scalp Treatment  

Whenever my scalp is feeling a little dry or itchy, I use the Aphro Comb to directly add some Coconut Care onto my scalp, give it a good massage, leave it on for 2 minutes - then shampoo and condition as normal. My scalp absolutely loves this treatment which cures dandruff and any more scalp nasties (NB: Great deterrent for Lice too)

5. Moisturising Skin

Coconut Care can be used as a moisturiser for your face (dry skin) or body. It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. It's also a great cradle cap deterrent for your new born. 


Coconut Care tells you when the seasons have changed. There's only two seasons when  you have it, MELTED or SOLID!

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