How to create the best curly hair routine

It's 2018, and it may be time to start getting to know 'CURLY' (aka, your hair). Feeling  like you've tried to follow vlogger advice and it's just not working for you? Well, here are 4 easy steps to create your personal curly hair routine ... for 'CURLY'. 

The different curl types

Step ONE: PRE-CLEANSING TREATMENT  This treatment targets any problem areas in isolation. Generally if you have dry hair, you could incorporate a hot oil treatment.
e.g. Use our Certified Organic Castor Oil for a Hot Oil Treatment to target a flaky scalp.

Step TWO: CLEANSE Massage a shampoo or cleanser onto your scalp, getting rid of the grime and product build up. Product build up encourages dandruff and other nasties. 

Step THREE: CONDITION While your hair is wet, introduce a step that will nourish your hair. 
e.g. Go the extra mile for 'CURLY' by deep conditioning her with your normal conditioner + our Certified Organic Castor Oil

Step FOUR: TARGETED TREATMENT A combination of daily and weekly treatments help you target the areas that stop your hair from thriving. 
e.g. Use our Certified Organic Jojoba to balance out a dry or oily scalp. 

And there you have it, a full fledged curly hair routine that will allow 'CURLY' to thrive in 2018!

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