Enter Certified Organic Shea Butter

No one can deny the benefits of shea butter for hair and all over skin care. A lot of women that I’ve spoken with, however,  are intimidated by it. Some of the statements have been;

‘It’s so hard in texture and hard to manage. That’s why I would prefer using that mineral oil hair food.’

‘It’s so hard, shouldn’t it be runny like the other natural oils?’

‘I’ve been melting Shea Butter in the microwave, so the application process is so long. Even though I love how it feels on my hair, it takes too long to prepare’

Enter our 100% Certified Organic Naturally Refined Shea Butter which is non-chemically refined to cater for people with sensitive skin. 

Shea Butter and Friends

Why process? 

Unprocessed shea butter, although great, has a lot of impurities that don’t necessarily agree with everyone’s scalp. By removing those larger particles or impurities, the end product will penetrate your hair shaft easier, giving your hair more strength to fight against dry and brittle curls. Without taking away its multiple benefits, it melts easily in the palm of your hands as you prepare for it to nourish your curls.

How did it get processed? 

Our shea butter has gone through a chemical-free refining process to allow for use by those with sensitive skin. We ground the nuts to expel oil and butter, creating a fatty consistency. We heated the fatty substance under high pressure and removed thicker particles and impurities. After the thicker particles were removed, we filtered the mixture through clean cloth.  The cleaned bulk butter was then passed through a clay filter to remove further impurities, leaving smaller particles that are able to penetrate your hair shaft easier.

I’m not convinced that chemically processed products harness enough of the benefits that shea butter can give to your hair and scalp. Our 100% Certified Organic Naturally Refined Shea Butter, will give you the right nourishment for your curs and all-over body care. 

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