Simple Routine To Grow Healthy Hair

There are a lot of blog posts that introduce you to interesting ways of growing your hair. I want to talk to you about an uncomplicated way to grow your hair that honours your genes and your hair's natural growth pattern. You'll see results with this routine and the only side effect you'll experience is - longer hair. I used to call it The Back To Health Challenge because I created it  to address unhealthy hair practices. 


Wash Day

The journey starts with WASH DAY - which is the foundation of a healthy hair week. You remove product build up, hydrate your curls and seal in that hydration, which strengthens your hair. 

Step ONE: Pre-Shampoo Targeted Treatment
Better known as a pre-poo, this type of topical treatment is used to treat your problem areas. Problems that a lot of people are managing include:

Dry Scalp [psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, cradle cap]
Oily Scalp
Scalp Sores
Bald Patches
Itchy Scalp
Dry, Brittle Hair
Scabs from chemical burns

Hot oil topical treatments target a myriad of scalp and damaged hair concerns, so when added into your simple routine, it'll do wonders for you. 

Concentrate a warmed up oil solution to your scalp using the Aphro Comb to make this process about 30 seconds long. I recommend the Certified Organic Scalp Care Duo because of the amazing properties that both Certified Organic Jojoba and Castor have for your scalp and hair. This powerful duo will gently go to battle for you.

Add more of the oil solution to the ends of your hair (which need to be treated because they are the oldest and driest part of  your hair).

When the solution is through your hair and scalp, gently massage your entire scalp. This is my favourite time as it's soooooo relaxing. Take your time with it because as relaxing as it is, it's serving another purpose; that is to promote healthy hair growth. 

Cover all that oiled up goodness in a shower cap, then cover up with a towel or head wrap. If you can, sit under a steamer for 15 - 30 min for added goodness. 

STEP TWO: Cleanse

Concentrate shampoo onto your scalp using your Aphro Comb, then the rest of your hair. Rinse out. 

STEP THREE: Hair Treatment

This is another opportunity to treat weak or damaged hair [heat damaged, chemically treated, thin and wispy, over moisturised] with a concentrated treatment. To strengthen hair, using a protein treatment could be just what your hair needs. Protein treatments help to fortify damaged hair and there are a variety on the market. Rinse out the solution before moving to the next step.

STEP FOUR: Deep Condition

The deep conditioner should be concentrated on the driest part of your hair first, which generally is around the ends. If you hair is really thirsty, mix your conditioner with a nourishing oil like Certified Organic Castor Oil. Then start your detangling process with a wide toothed come or fingers [depending on your curl pattern you could detangle under running water].

STEP FIVE: Nourishment

I love leave in treatments, so while wet, add your favourite leave-in, then go through your normal process to dry your hair. When damp, seal the goodness of your leave-in and damp hair with a light or heavy oil. Certified Organic Shea and Jojoba are the one ingredient gems that have multiple benefits for damp hair - MAKE SURE TO CONCENTRATE MORE ON YOUR TIPS! You can then add in your styling gels to get your curls popping! 

These FIVE steps target weak areas, cleanse your scalp, nourish your hair, seal in hydration, protect your ends from split ends and more. The oils used are your arsenal to starting your healthy hair week. 

In between wash days 

Daily, lightly mist your hair with a water based moisturiser like, rose water, coconut water and seal that with a light oil. If your hair is thirsty, then you can use a butter [certified organic shea butter] which is more nourishing. 

top up nourishment

What results should you see?
Softer and more manageable hair
Hydrated hair
Less incidences of dandruff or dry scalp
Retaining new growth


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