4 Mistakes that your hairdresser could be making on your curls

You love your hairdresser, but for some reason your hair is experiencing setback after setback and you don’t know why! I’ve got 4 things that your hairdresser could be doing wrong which directly affects the health of your curls.

1. Avoiding a mini hair consultation
This step is really important. It’s during these consultations that a hairdresser provides their professional opinion on the best hairstyle for you based on the health of your scalp and hair. This step is usually skipped entirely, as the priority is to get your hair done and get to the next client.
In an ideal situation your hairdresser, over time, should have a deep understanding of how your hair is progressing. You should trust them to give you sound advice on solving any hair challenges you may be facing – your hairdresser should be your hair expert, and it all starts with that consultation – also known as – getting to know you and your hair.

2. Saying ‘NO’ to moisturising your hair before braiding
It’s bad practice to comb and manipulate your hair when it’s un-moisturised. A lot of hairdressers prefer to braid hair in this state, as it’s easier for them to manage. This is bad practice for the health of your hair. Nourishing your hair before it’s tugged on is best practice and something that should be adopted every time you see your hairdresser.

3. Telling you that ‘pain is part of the hairstyling process’
When you’re experiencing any type of pain while your hair is being done, it’s a sign that there’s unwarranted stress being placed on your hair follicles. Be sensitive to this, and don’t be afraid to speak out. I’ve consulted with women who have developed sores that were formed because their cornrows were on so tight.

4. Not knowing how to effectively comb your hair
The type and way curly hair is combed is truly an art form.  Your hairdresser should have a range of combs that can be used gently on afro textured hair. Tugging, yanking and pulling on your hair should not be common practice. Gentle untangling of afro textured hair with minimal pain and breakage is THE way talented hairdressers care for your curls.

Do you know of any other ‘hairdresser’ mistakes that you would like us to address?

Is your hairdresser breaking any of the above rules?