Simple Daily Moisture Retention

I’ve started blogging on topics that you’ve asked me to cover. This question came in from an Instagram Follower.

How do you keep your moisture levels up on a daily basis?

So, curly hair is generally drier than straight hair. Why? Curl patterns form within your scalp, so that coil impacts the way you sebum is delivered to the rest of your hair which impacts how you retain moisture on your strands. That’s why people who tend to have tighter curls have drier hair than those whose curl pattern is wavier.

Moisture Retention By Curl Type

Different curl types SHOULD have different daily moisture retention strategies because their curls respond to moisture in very different ways.

Generally speaking;

  • the 2 to 3 curl community stays away from heavy butters and oils. They prefer oils that seep into the hair shaft like Certified Organic Jojoba, Avocado Oil and Certified Organic Marula Oil. They may lightly run these carefully selected oils through damp hair, or concentrate them explicitly on their ends.

  • the 4 curl community uses heavier oils and butters coupled with routines that dampen hair. They also tend to nourishing their scalp with oils or butters to curb dryness.

3 curl type is the most springy

3 curl type is the most springy

4 curl type is fragile and dense with curls of different shapes

4 curl type is fragile and dense with curls of different shapes

2 curl type tends to be straight from the root and curls as it grows

2 curl type tends to be straight from the root and curls as it grows

All Curl Types - DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. Think of your scalp as the soil, your hair as the grass and the water you drink as underground irrigation. Drink water, it’s good for healthy hair growth.

2 Curl Type is not quite straight, not completely curly, and ranges from loose waves to thick s-shaped waves. It’s straighter at the root and gets curlier as it grows out.

Generally, your scalp wont be dry and may even feel greasy if you don’t wash your hair multiple times a week. To bolster hydration, on wash day, use light weight styling products like gels, mousses and leave-in conditioners on clean damp hair.

When your hair feels dry, it’s likely that your scalp is also greasy - this is your cue to wash your hair. If you don’t have time, a dry shampoo and light spritz for your ends, coupled with a light oil or styling gel will be a great daily top up of hydration.

3 Curl Type ranges from tight s-shaped curls to tight coily hair. It’s generally ‘springy’ and has more definition and volume than the 2 Curl Type.

Adding a spritz to your collection will help revive your curls daily. Depending on the tightness of your curls, use a non-firming gel or styling creme to define your curls. If your hair needs more moisture, spray a leave-in conditioner which has conditioning, hydrating and softening properties.

When you’re satisfied with how your hair feels, seal in that hydration with a light oil like Certified Organic Jojoba which wont weigh your curls down.

4 Curl Type has densely packed curls that are formed in many wonderful ways - zig-zag, circular, thunderbolt, square shaped curls. It’s also quite fragile even though it looks like it can go through anything and everything.

On a daily, revive your curls by adding a spritz to your collection. A spritz doesn’t JUST deposit water to your curls; it has conditioning agents that will help nourish your strands and flatten your hair cuticles. It’ll make your hair soft to the touch and allow for any quick detangling before you start styling.

After your spritz, dependant on how tight your curls are, seal that hydrated goodness with an oil of your choice. The Certified Organic Collection ranges from light oils to heavy butters and will allow you to match your 4 curl type with the right single ingredient oil that will seal in the moisture you need as well as nourish your hair, making it elastic, bouncy and ready to be styled.

Chemically Straightened Curls have tampered with their curls permanently. Those curls, however still need moisture to protect them from drying out and breaking.

If you want to keep your straight style, use styling cremes or butters like Certified Organic Shea Butter that will bring nourishment to your hair by softening it and curbing its dryness. It’s a misconception that moisturising your hair involves dampening it - no, your hair can be moisturised by choosing the RIGHT styling cremes, nourishing oils and butters.

You can also help your curls out by adding a spritz to your Collection. The conditioning agents seep beautifully into your hair shaft when lightly sprayed and will help keep your straight style.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any more questions, keep them coming!

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