Oil For Your Curls

All curls love oil - that's one curly hair secret that you should embrace. You can solve a lot of curly hair issues with the right oil in your routine cause it fits into every stage of your curl hair routine. Here are a few stages!  

Oils enhance the pre-poo treatment by providing your curls with the protection they need from harsh shampoos that often strip your hair from natural oils and moisture. 

If your conditioner doesn't have much slip (detangling properties), adding oil will boost its capacity to have slip as well as strengthen your curls.

Because your curly hair is generally drier than other hair types, it tends to frizz quicker. (Why? Well, the natural oils that would nourish your curly hair from the scalp just take longer to go down your hair strand because your hair is so curly - these oils reach the whole hair strand of a straight girl easier). So, when your hair is damp, glide the right oil into your curls SEALING that moisture in for longer. That DETERS frizz like you wouldn't believe. 

When you feel that dry crunchy hair effect of your dried up curls, a quick water spritz will dampen the hair and add much needed moisture. To add nourishment, protection, that healthy glow, strength and softness to the hair, add an oil. Your curls will thank you and start to thrive.

If you have a dry itchy scalp, the right oil will combat the cause or symptom of your scalp issue. We love our Certified Organic Castor Oil as it's a multipurpose scalp treatment that's been used for centuries across Asia and has increased in popularity over the last few years! THANKS BLOGGERS FOR BRINGING THE TRUTH! 

Where exactly does a hair oil fit into your routine? ALL STAGES. 

  1.  Pre-Shampoo Treatment aka (Pre Poo):
  2. Boosting a cheap conditioner
  3. Nourishing a dry scalp
  4. Sealing in the goodness of moisture
  5. Treating a scalp issue
  6. Helping with the detangling process for those intense knots


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