A routine that will solve your scalp problems

If you're tired of dealing with hair that doesn't seem to grow, an irritating scalp and need an immediate change, try The Castor Oil Challenge. The Castor Oil Challenge introduces you to a new way of protecting your hair on a daily basis while strengthening it and allowing it to grow - it's also good for all hair and scalp types. 

The reason I and the curly hair community love the Castor Oil Challenge is because it effectively attacks scalp problems and hair breakage. When you take care of your scalp you will ultimately restore your hair back to health. A derivative of healthy hair, is hair that grows.

RULE ONE: Commit to the challenge for at least a month
RULE TWO: Commit to partaking the challenge at least 3 times a week
RULE THREE: Use our Certified Organic Castor Oil for the best scalp results. Use a curl approved moisturiser for the best hair results. 

What results should you see?
1. Less incidences of dandruff,
2. More manageable eczema and psoriasis symptoms,
3. A more nourished scalp which will produce healthier curls,
4. Softer and more manageable hair,
5. Healthy new growth 

Certified Organic Scalp Care Duo

Step ONE: Massage Certified Organic Castor OIl onto a clean scalp at least 3 times a week (leave-in)

Step TWO: Moisturise your hair shaft with a hydrating moisturiser. The most effective moisturisers have Water/ Aqua and Glycerine as the first or second ingredients.

Step THREE: Seal in that lovely moisture with Certified Organic Naturally Refined Shea Butter (thick hair) or Certified Organic Jojoba (thin hair). 

It’s advisable to be in a low manipulation style for the duration of your challenge.

Step ONE: Massage warmed up Certified Organic Castor Oil on your scalp, place a shower-cap over your head and leave on for 30 minutes, allowing the warmed Castor Oil to soak onto the scalp.

Step TWO: Shampoo and condition as normal, ensuring to deeply massage shampoo onto scalp to get rid of all traces of the Certified Organic Castor Oil. 

Step THREE: While hair is damp, gently massage 5ml of Certified Organic Jojoba onto damp scalp. Use the Aphro Comb applicator bottle for precise measurements and ease of spread. 

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