How easy can your TWA routine be?

…the answer is very easy.

For those who aren’t in ‘the know’, TWA is ‘teeny weeny afro’. If you decide that you’re DONE with transitioning, DONE with whatever length you have, DONE with whatever life is dishing out, have just cut your hair …and are now petrified of what to do with it. I’ve got some tips for you. First of all follow my 4 step philosophy on ‘Creating a Curly Hair Routine’ then follow these tips:

TIP ONE: EMBRACE YOUR TEENY WEENY AFRO. It’s done, your long hair is gone, no point crying over spilt milk (spilt hair? nah, that doesn’t work). Look at that girl with the short hair in the mirror and accept all that you see. Your short hair will emphasise the beautiful shape of your face, your features and the shape of your head. All those are elements about you to be celebrated. Think of your features as a celebration of all the goodness your parents gave you.

TIP TWO: YES YOU STILL NEED A ROUTINE FOR YOUR TWA. The routine comprises of three things

  1. Treat your scalp to allow the healthiest hair to grow from it ( Certified Organic Scalp Care Duo)

  2. Moisturise your hair to build strength from within

  3. Seal in the moisture with an oil or butter to curb breakage ( Certified Organic Naturally Refined Shea Butter)

TIP THREE: TEST OUT A FEW DIFFERENT WAYS OF STYLING YOUR NEW LOOK. Do you want to rock your natural curl pattern? Would you prefer a curl aid to enhance your curl pattern? Do you want a sleeked back look? Do you want to experiment with colour, different cuts, relaxing it? We think it’s fun to try different styling techniques and if you’re a minimalist like me, find your go to.

TIP FOUR: PRODUCT BUILD UP IS STILL A THING. Incorporate a weekly wash, treatment and deep condition (protein or moisture) to maintain a healthy sheen for your strands and healthy scalp to produce the healthiest thickest curls your genes will allow..

TIP FIVE: USE A SPRITZ TO TOP UP YOUR HAIR’S MOISTURE LEVELS. Add a mixture of your favourite oil and leave-in (if your leave-in isn’t water based, add some water in there) into a spray bottle and spray that on your hair as a spritz and scalp nourisher. Use that as your moisture top up in between wash days!

TIP SIX: DON’T BE THE PERSON WHO LEAVES TRACES OF YOUR PRODUCT ON PEOPLE’S FURNITURE. In this case, you can follow the ‘dime size’ instruction cause that’s likely all you’ll need - so freeing! Use enough product that it absorbs into your hair leaving a healthy sheen. If your TWA is seeming greasy, you’ve probably added way more than your hair needs and it has no where else to go (oil evaporates very slowly) other than the surface where your head last rested on.

Happy Styling!

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