We love caring for chemically treated hair

‘Why?’, you may ask. It’s simple, we think that chemically treated hair is a valid choice for women of afro textured hair to make. So if you’re thinking of chemically treating your hair to loosen (texlax) or straighten (relax) your curls, keep reading! If you’d like to support a friend or family member who is still chemically treating their hair, also keep reading!

we love chemically treated hair

Chemically treating your hair is ultimately changing its chemical composition which will inadvertently loosen or straighten your natural curl pattern. This chemical process will weaken your hair, which is the reason why you will need to incorporate a very intentional care routine.

One of the main causes of breakage is dealing with two different hair textures when you start noticing growth. Here are 5 tips to stop breakage and realise growth at this critical time.

1. INTRODUCE AN ORGANIC BASED PRE-SHAMPOO OIL-TREATMENT to start treating your hair before applying shampoo. An oil treatment with Certified Organic Castor Oil will provide your hair with nourishment that will help prep it for wash day. If you want to take that extra step, conduct a hot oil-treatment which will provide multiple benefits to your scalp, including the aiding of growth.

2. DO NOT SKIP DEEP CONDITIONING because this is the first hydration step you will take for your hair. Hydration and nourishment are a must have for chemically treated hair. Invest in a good conditioner (watch out for an expansion of our range). And if your hair is extra dry, add your favourite certified organic oil in your conditioner mix. I recommend Certified Organic Castor Oil because of its multiple properties (it’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and all texture loving).

3. GET THAT OLD T-SHIRT AND USE IT AS YOUR BESPOKE HAIR TOWEL because a normal cotton towel aids in breakage. You don’t even need to rub the towel on your hair as you normally would. While your hair is wet, just wrap your old but clean t-shirt on your hair and allow that excess water to be absorbed by your towel. This will be a welcome change as your hair is the weakest when it’s drenched in water.

4. LEAVE-IN CONDITIONERS should be a staple. Look at your wash day as your weekly opportunity to equip your hair with as much moisture as you can. After you spray your leave-in, seal that goodness in with a frizz free light carrier oil like our amazing rose gold Certified Organic Marula Oil (it’s JUST landed - we were so excited to share it with you - pre-sales have gone a little bonkers, so get your order in).

5. LOW MANIPULATION STYLES should be your go to. Buns, ponytails, day wigs, flat twists are great introductions to your care routine. Hair that doesn’t snag on your clothes, get manipulated on a daily, left out to be affected by the elements, is hair that will realise growth. In short, low manipulation styles = resting hair. Well rested hair will grow.

These quick tips, when incorporated in your chemically treated hair routine will allow you to extend the time between relaxers which is always a good thing!

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