Tell us about your chemically straightened hair.



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How would you describe the density of your hair? *
This refers to the number of strands on your head e.g. If you can see your scalp through your hair, you may have sparse hair.
How would you describe the thickness of your hair? *
This refers to the width of a single strand of hair
How would you describe your chemical treatment? *
Does your hair shed? *
Shedding is when hair falls off your scalp. The hair often has a white bulb at its root.
How frequently do you wash your hair? *
How long does it take to wash your hair? *
What problems are you facing with your hair? *
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If selected other, please specify.
How frequently do you retouch? *
When you retouch, do you just apply the chemical treatment on new growth or the entire hair strand. *
Are you currently transitioning to natural hair? *
If the answer is YES, how long is your new growth?