The LIFE of CURLS Collection is a curly hair's best friend. This salon quality deep hydrating collection enriches your curls from root to tip. We have carefully selected ingredients that are known and proven to revive your curls. All items in the collection are 100% natural, bringing the best of nature and science to nourish your curls. 

100% Natural PROTEIN MASQUE - Give Life Back to Weak and Damaged Hair (Restorative Conditioner)
Claims - Revitalise hair shaft with use of liquid Keratin, Hydration
For - Naturally Dry Hair, All Hair Types, Damaged Hair from Chemical Treatments,
A great revitalizing / repairing chemically or mechanically damaged hair, by smoothing or laying hair cuticles flat. Should have a light moisturizing with protein embedded in it to help seal any damaged or frayed hair shafts.  They can leave it on for up to 30minutes – dependent on how ‘dry or damaged or lifeless’ they feel their hair may be.


100% NATURAL LIQUID KERATIN - Give Life Back to Weak and Damaged Hair

Smoothes and fortifies follicles for stronger, healthier frizz-free hair.


FORTIFY Strengthening Masque Treatment

  • repairs dry damaged hair by smoothing hair cuticles flat

FORTIFY Strengthening Leave In Treatment