Certified Organic Shea Care 250g

Certified Organic Shea Care 250g


Our 100% Certified Organic Naturally Refined Shea Butter's high concentration of fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-ageing compounds will nourish dry, damaged and brittle hair:

Nourishes Dry and Brittle Hair
Protects Hair from Damage

Our Shea Care has gone through a chemical-free refining process to allow for use by those with sensitive skin. We ground the nuts to expel oil and butter, creating a fatty consistency. We heated the fatty substance under high pressure and removed thicker particles and impurities. After the thicker particles were removed, we filtered the mixture through clean cloth.  The cleaned bulk butter was then passed through a clay filter to remove further impurities, leaving smaller particles that are able to penetrate easier.

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How you can use Shea Care to:

Nourish Dry Hair - Shea butter is great for softening and nourishing damaged and brittle hair. Due to its non-greasy nature, it helps to control and spread the excess oil in the scalp. It works really when on dry as well as fragile, curly hair.
Apply on wet (freshly washed) hair ensuring to use more Shea Butter on the drier parts of the hair strand like the ends. Gently comb through hair and style as usual. 

Protect Hair from Damage - Because Shea Butter is highly effective in sealing in moisture, without leaving the hair greasy or heavy. It is great for hair that has gone through chemical treatments (relaxers, perms, dyes) or physical damage (overheating, breakage due to harsh manipulation)
Apply on damp (freshly washed and air dried) or freshly moisturised hair to seal in all the moisture and bolster your hair’s strength. 


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