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A Hot Oil Treatment to Soothe, Nourish & Strengthen Your Hair

Home-based hot oil treatments are age-old hair and scalp treatments learned from parts of Asia and Africa. They are an antidote to a lot of issues faced by textured hair, including severe dry and itchy scalps and hair that’s brittle and tends to break easily.

We’ve created a short tutorial to get you started on experiencing the benefits of hot-oil treatments for your hair and scalp.


Nourishes porous hair
Soothes a dry and itchy scalp
Creates a healthy environment that encourages hair growth
Adds a healthy sheen to hair
Smoothes cuticles, therefore, providing strength for each strand


Our Scalp Care Duo is comprised of Certified Organic Castor Oil & Certified Organic Jojoba; organic scalp treatment oils that target scalp issues you may be experiencing. 


Step ONE Heat up 1 part Certified Castor Oil to 2 parts Certified Jojoba in a heat-resistant container. You could microwave it for 10 seconds or allow it to sit in boiling water for two minutes. Wait until you’re comfortable with the warmth of the oil on your fingers and scalp.

Step TWO While you’re waiting for the oil to cool down, separate hair into workable sections. Then section by section [dipping the tip of your fingers into the oil each time], massage a thin film of the mixture onto the scalp. As you finish each section, create a loose twist - this is helpful to ensure that no unnecessary tangling happens. Continue this process until the whole head is done. Rake the last amounts of oil left in the bowl into the length of your hair, paying special attention to the ends.

Step THREE Spend two minutes gently massaging your scalp. Take your time in areas that need more attention like your temple, an itchy patch, and a weak hairline. Cover head with a shower cap, letting the oil soak into scalp from 10 min up to an hour. 

Step FOUR SHAMPOO and CONDITION as normal, ensuring to deeply massage the shampoo onto the scalp to get rid of all the traces of the mixture.

Step FOUR A (for a leave-in treatment): While hair is damp, gently massage a thin film of Certified Organic Jojoba onto your damp scalp.

Step FIVE: Dry and style as usual.

Repeat Hot Oil Treatment weekly, gradually decreasing frequency as the health of your scalp is enhanced. Not sure when that will be? Your scalp will let you know.