Some of the most effective hair care practices have stood the test of time. organic SUKU is built on a combination of ancient African hair care techniques & trichology to create professional products and treatments that delight textured hair.

'I have the pleasure of designing organic SUKU to represent and celebrate the textured community who take pride in their hair's beauty and versatility. My vision is for the Afro & Multi-texture community to indulge in luxurious salon experiences while being cared for and styled beautifully.'

becoming texture inclusive
Afro Texture Hair Care

Texture Inclusive Salons

Indulge in luxurious salon treatments created for tightly textured hair. Our SUKU trained salons specialise in enhancing the health of Afro, Curly, and Wavy textures.


Afro & Multi-texture Products

Our collections provide deep hydration & nourishment to Afro, Curly & Wavy Textures.

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The organic SUKU Approach


    Your texture shapes how we create products and treatments. We use ingredients that have been proven to love afro, curly and wavy hair.


    Each product is vigorously tested by our texture co-creator community that includes professional stylists.


    Our creations are an ode to those who came before us and discovered what we now know and love about textured hair care.