Introducing organic SUKU's Salon Professional Collection

A four-step basin treatment that resets Afro, Curly & Wavy Textures through cleansing, hydration and deep moisture-infused nourishment. 

The SUKU Treatment system is built on two pillars; a collection that enhances texture health with the techniques it needs to thrive.

Our four-step treatment has been meticulously formulated to provide moisture to extremely dry and fragile strands, making them soft, manageable, and less prone to breakage. 

Prepping Hair

Step ONE: Pre-Cleanse Treatment is a lightweight detangler formulated to soften and loosen knotted hair while protecting the cuticle surface and helping reduce breakage.

Scalp Cleanse

Step TWO: Clarifying Cleanser is an invigorating cleanser that removes all traces of dirt and product build-up. The use of pure peppermint botanicals in this formulation helps to alleviate a dry & itchy scalp.

Moisture Rich Cleanser

Step THREE: Moisture Rich Cleanser delivers hydration directly to the hair cuticle, locking in moisture where it's needed most.


Step FOUR: Dependant on hair's density and porosity levels, we have two treatments available to infuse moisture, flatten hair's cuticle & restore sheen.

Light Moisture Treatment infuses moisture into the hair cuticle and flattens the cuticle layer to seal that moisture in.

Deep Nourishing Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment infused into the hair cuticle, sealing it flat to provide strength and restore sheen.


Who has the SUKU treatment system been created for?

The SUKU Treatment System clientele experience:

  • dry & itchy scalp
  • dry & dehydrated hair
  • tangled & matted hair
  • sensitivity from taking down protective styles
  • the need to protect hair before applying a protective style
Is the SUKU Treatment System Colour Safe?

Yes, the SUKU Treatment System is safe to be used on all coloured / dyed hair.

How does one book to get a SUKU Treatment?

Visit our SUKU Treatment Approved Salon list to access professionals in beautiful Afro-safe spaces, who provide this service.

Can I introduce one or some of this collection into a different care system?

Yes. The SUKU Treatment system has been created to build upon each step to provide ultimate care for textured hair. The Pre-Cleanse Treatment is the most suitable product to be used in other care routines or stand alone as a refresher or leave-in detangler [Can be added into your hair kit].

How do I become a SUKU Treatment Approved Salon?

Contact Us at for details.