Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024

Melbourne Fashion Festival | Global Indigenous Runway 2024

Hair Direction - Banan using organic SUKU.

A snippet of Banan's styling direction:

Start with clean middle parting and ear to ear across the occipital bone

Prep the hair with SUKU thermal from root to ends

Apply SUKU define generously in small sections, combing it down close to the scalp following the head shape

Use sectioning clips to set the sleek part 

Spray the mid-lengths and ends with SUKU Pre-Cleanse Treatment our texture detangler and hydrator 

Scrunch SUKU style into mid-lengths and ends to achieve definition

Use diffuser on high heat low speed to set the sleek part then to set the texture in mid-lengths and ends

Remove sectioning clips and finish hair with 100% Cold Pressed Marula Oil for shine